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I am your new Washtenaw County Commissioner - District 4 representing Pittsfield Charter Township, MI


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County Commissioners are:

Legislative Branch

Elected every two (2) years

Represents the nine (9) districts throughout the county


County Commissioners do:

Listen to the People


Set the Budget for:

  • Quadrennial (every 4 yrs) budget by working with the County Executive and County departments.

  • Set budgets for other elected offices including the courts, sheriff's office, water resources, prosecuting attorney, clerk/register of deeds and the treasurer's office.


  • Under the 1963 Michigan Constitution, county governments in Michigan are "agents" of state government to ensure delivery of services, such as courts, running elections and oversight of public functions. 

  • Counties are also local governments that deliver services specific to their jurisdictions based on the preferences to local voters, such as parks and airports. 

  • Our board also ensures delivery of public health, economic development and mental health services.

Set Policy:

  • The Board of Commissioners sets strategic priorities for the county. They act on those strategies by passing resolutions.

  • The action of the resolutions range anywhere from allocating financial resources internally and externally to supporting state/federal legislation to recognizing local residents and cultural observances.

What are the responsibilites of a Commissioner...


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